Ground Collectors

Ground source collector manifold

Ground source collector manifold 8port
Code: SSC8MU
A single pair of collector manifolds ideal for horizontal or vertical geothermal collectors.

>Ground source collector manifold

Europex collector pipe

Europex collector pipe 32mm
Code: 771003230
Specially formulated cross-linked polyethylene pipe to resist ground contamination and offers an extensive mechanical operating range from -40°c to +90°c.

collector pipe

Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol ( per 1000 Litres )
Code: GLY1000
Ideal concentrate solution for protection of geothermal heating/cooling systems, ethylene glycol will transport heat to the geothermal heat pump. The ethylene glycol can gain or dissipate source heat energy depending on the system being used for heating or cooling.